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Children's Artwork and Projects

Do you have boxes of artwork and projects that your child or special someone made for you and you do not know what to do with them? Preserve them for everyone to enjoy.

When your artwork and projects are scanned and saved on CD or DVD you can:
* Publish a hardbound book of your artist!
* Use artwork as a screen saver or wallpaper on your PC
* Share your favorite artwork via email with family and friends
* Create a slideshow showing off the talents of your child
* Print high quality copies at original, reduced or enlarged sizes

* Print copies of the artwork to include in your scrapbook/albums or frame a copy to display on a desk or hang on a wall
* Reduce the amount of storage space used by putting copies on CD or DVD


We welcome any size artwork or project. We can scan without stitching any size up to 12x17. Items larger than 12x17 that require stitching, are considered as a quantity of two or more on the price sheet. We will complete all work in a clean environment and handle every item as if it were our own! You have the option to preserve your artwork to CD or DVD for the same price. We will be glad to explain the difference in media to help determine 
                                                       what will best meet your needs.

Prices for our services are based on the size of the origial artwork and is seperated by 8x8 or smaller and 8 1/2x11 or larger. Please see our current order form for details.


When you have your loose artwork or projects preserved to CD or DVD, the following features are included:

* High-resolution files for artwork recovery in the event of damage or loss
* Low-resolution files for sharing via email or uploading to a website
* 2 (two) complete copies of your artwork on CD or DVD with custom label
* Temporary storage of your CD or DVD at our offices

Also available for an additional charge
* Additional copies on CD or DVD

Service prices are located at the bottom of this page.


High-resolution files
Utilizing the latest equipment technology and computer software, we can produce sharp, seamless digital replicas of your artwork and projects, which will show vibrant colors, clear text and dimension of your paper and embellishments. We use various Adobe products, the leader in digital imaging software, to create outstanding replicas. Our standard high-resolution file is 300 ppi utilizing 8-bit RGB color, an image mode that can contain hundreds of colors per channel, which provides very high quality prints. It is better to save now in a higher resolution to allow for a wide range of end uses and transferring to updated storage media in the future. You can always lower the resolution at the time of use, but you cannot increase the resolution in the future and maintain clarity. We will perform basic color, lighting, brightness/contrast corrections for each scanned item.

The standard name for each of the files will be artwork 1, artwork 2, etc. If you wish to choose a personalized name for each item, it must be provided in a legible or typed format to maintain a timely return of your order. All files will be stored in a clearly marked, separate folder on the CD/DVD.   (top of page)


Low-resolution files
A low resolution file of each artwork will also be included. Our standard low-resolution is 100 ppi utilizing 8-bit RGB color, an image mode that can contain hundreds of colors per channel, which is ideal for sharing with family via email and/or posting to the website of your choice. The name for each file must be the same name as the corresponding high-resolution file. All files will be stored in a clearly marked, separate folder on the CD/DVD.
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Digital files on Jump Drive
The high-resolution JPG files are saved to a client-provided jump drive. You may also purchase one from us if you choose. It is recommended that you refresh and update your archived artwork every 5 years to the latest media option.

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Temporary storage of CD/DVD copy
A copy of your CD set/DVD will be kept at the
Scan Your MemoryTM offices for a limited number of days after your order is complete. In the event that you decide in the first few weeks to have additional copies made, we will use our copy on file and fill your order 
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Additional copies on CD or DVD
Additional copies of your artwork preservation and/or digital albums may be purchased for a nominal fee, quantity discounts are available.    
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Children’s Artwork Preservation:    
Includes scanning services, saving each artwork in high resolution to your jump drive and free file storage*

All of this for only



 8x8 or smaller

$ 1.00!
per artwork piece 
 8x10 to 8.5x11  $1.50 !  per artwork piece
 12x12 or larger $2.00 !  per artwork piece
 (some artwork may require multiple scans)
1 Additional copy of digital files $5.00 each
 2 Additional copies of digital files  $4.00  each copy
 3 Additional copies of digital files  $3.50  each copy


File storage Free Secure online account
Gift Certificates Any available in any denomination
Special Orders TBD Please contact us for a quote on any special orders or requests
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Scan Your Memory
Your Family Memories are Safe with Us!