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Digital Storybook Templates are here!

Complete storybooks fast using your digital photos and our FREE digital storybook templates. Our digital storybook templates include various layouts with a wide selection of papers, alpha, quotes, tags, embellishments and more. Upload digital photos to your secure lifetime account and add them to pages for a quick personalized book. You can drag and drop ALL elements on each page to fit your needs ... even add or delete elements if you desire. Our drag and drop pages hold unlimited photos, elements and text boxes.

A few samples from our Template Gallery, which offers 1000's of FREE projects, are below. The template gallery can be sorted by basic/premier accounts, product type and even topic key words. All of our products can be created using our beautiful basic art in the FREE lifetime account.

For a wider selection of digital art and templates, as well as unlimited photo storage, subscribe to our Premier Digital Studio membership for $19.95 per month. Enjoy savings by purchasing a 3 month subscription, only $29.95 when you contact me directly to place your order. 

For our Largest Products Savings, consider one of our Club HM levels.


It is an exciting time to become a Heritage Makers consultant. We are the premier company offering variety, flexibility and depth of product and elements. General information can be found on my Heritage Makers website by scrolling down to the bottom left area labeled "Start a Business". Please contact me for personal conversations.

** Information for you **
All of our storybook credits include 21 pages in their cost and are expandable to 99 pages total. Additional pages can be purchased in sets of 2 for only $1.99 for all sizes except 12x12 and 13x11 which are $3.99. Some Projects in the gallery have additional pages. You have the option to delete pages and reduce to the original 21 pages or purchase additional pages as needed. If you have additional photos and text to include, it is very easy to duplicate and add pages so your project has a continuous look. 
Baby Boy & Baby Girl projects

This exclusive collection of 6 Easy Projects includes 5x5 Storybooks, 5x7 postcards and 18x24 posters beautifully created for announcing the birth or adoption and sharing all the great photos from the early months/years. Here is the preview of the baby projects within this collection.

There are more projects below that can be used for this same purpose.
Wedding/Anniversary Projects
This template is for creating a Wedding Guest Book. Please contact me directly to get started or be sure to visit www.PublishABookOnline.com
Greeting Cards
You can key enter or upload your address list - we stuff, stamp and mail your cards for you!

Our Greeting Cards allow you to create 4 custom panels: front/back covers and two inside panels. We have hundreds of 5x7 Card designs to choose from: Christmas, Hanukkah, Vacation and more! Here is just a sampling, visit my template gallery at www.PublishABookOnline.com for complete selection: vertical, horizontal, Hanukkah, variety and variety 2.

We also have 5x7 Post Cards which can be used for Announcements, Invitations or 2 sided Holiday cards.

Our beautiful calendars offer photo, story and text options for each month. You can also add text boxes to individual days so be sure to get everyone's birthday, anniversary and special dates to remember included.

5x5 Storybook
A unique way to show someone special that they are ... SPECIAL! This template can adapt easily to any family member.

7x5 Sports Idea
Your storybook can highlight one player or the whole team. It can be for your child or a great coach's gift - every child can even have their own copy! We have many sports collections that will make switching out the sport very easy.

8"x8" Digital Storybooks

Adoption 8x8
: Celebrate the adoption of a child by documenting each step of the process, your experiences, family support and faith. View a sampling of the Adoption book ...
Voyages of the Interior
These Easy Projects will help you publish storybooks that highlight your family values, heritage and mother. Enjoy a preview of each of these titles:  Our Family's Roots, What it means to be a"Jones", and Before I was Your Mother.
The Anything 8x8: This digital template book contains layouts themed for any use. It is easy to swap out papers if something does not appeal to you. Please be sure to visit my website www.PublishABookOnline.com or contact me directly to get started.
Disney Storybook 8x8: This is a great size for an average amount of vacation photos. If you have additional photos that you wish to include, simply pick out your favorite layouts and duplicate them to add pages.
7.5"x10" Vertical Storybook
A Story of Appreciation 7.5x10: This vertical format gives plenty of pages and space to document the reasons why someone is your hero, male or female. There are many creative ways to add pages as needed to expand this book to cover additional years and highlights. Tell someone you love them TODAY!
11.5"x8.5" Horizontal Storybook
Family Yearbook: Do you have several years to catch up on? Here is the solution - a family yearbook with all of the layouts waiting for your photos. Have lots of photos - simply duplicate a page to increase the size to fit your needs. This sample is a very clean, classic look but can easily have papers, embellishments, etc. added to meet your needs.


Wedding Guest Book, 11x8.5: Don't settle for the traditional white padded guest book with a white feather pen. Personalize this wedding guest book with photos and names of the bride and groom. We have chosen a red, black and white color palette to offer a simple, classic look. It can also be changed to fit your color palette. 
View this Black and Red Guest Book ...

12"x12" Storybooks
Family Vacation: Gather your photos from your favorite vacation or other family trip.

Family Heritage Book 12x12: Create a Cornerstone Storybook for parents or grandparents.

13"x11" Legacy Edition Storybook
This amazing storybook offers leather covers, black inset sheets, vellum end sheets and a full bleed photographic dust jacket. It is truly breath taking and sure to impress.

Wedding Storybook: Are you a photographer? Did you purchase the CD of photos from your photographer? Do you have great personal snapshots from your wedding? This template will give you an idea of what you can do with your photos!

Vacation Coffee Table Book: Highlight photos from your favorite vacation in this beautiful coffee table book.




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