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Loose Photographs


We can help you protect those loose photographs, old and new. Encourage your family members to gather photographs of past and present in order to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

When your photographs are scanned and saved, you can:

* Print high quality copies

* Publish a hardbound book of the story behind your photos

* Use a photo as a screen saver or wallpaper on your PC

* Create a slideshow highlighting the guest of honor at a

   special event


We welcome and can scan any size photograph up to 12"x17" without stitching. We will complete all work in a clean environment and handle every photo as if it were our own! 

Prices for our services are based on the size of your original photographs and are separated by 8x10 or smaller and 8.5x11 or larger. Please see our price list below. 


High-resolution files
Utilizing the latest equipment technology and computer software, we can produce sharp, seamless digital replicas of your photographs. We use various Adobe products, the leader in digital imaging software, to create outstanding replicas. Our standard file is 300 ppi which provides very high quality prints. It is better to save now in a higher resolution to allow for a wide range of end uses and transferring to updated storage media in the future. You can always lower the resolution at the time of use, but you cannot increase the resolution in the future and maintain clarity. 

The standard name for each of the files per folder will be P0000001, P0000002, etc. All files will be stored in a clearly marked folder on a thumb drive, memory stick, etc.    (top of page)

Personal handling of photographs
It is preferred that you remove your photographs from all albums, including any page protectors that may be used. This assists us in maintaining a timely return of your order and  reduces wear and tear on your albums during transit. It is recommended that you place your loose photos in a box or envelope that will allow them to lay flat.
  (top of page)

Image copies on Memory Stick
We save all of your scanned images to a memory stick a.k.a. thumb drive, jump drive, etc. The customer can provide a memory stick or purchase one from us.

Image copies on CD
We can burn your images to a CD for a nominal fee.

Multiple party involvements
In order to obtain a more complete set of family/group photos, you may have multiple parties send in photographs to be included in one order. Each member can send their contributing items to us individually; we will combine all photos together and ship complete orders with originals back to the respective member. This service rate is valid for a single one-week period of time for arrival of individual contributions. An additional fee will be applied to each contribution that arrives after the first week. Please provide us with a main contact for your family/group. This person will be responsible for the decision-making and coordination of the order. (
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Loose Photograph Preservations:    
Includes scanning services, saving each photograph in high resolution, 1 complete copy on memory stick provided by customer

All of this for only  

Total quantity 1-99 $ .39 per photograph
Total quantity 100-499 $ .29 per photograph
Total quantity 500+ $ .19 per photograph
Photos torn, sticky or larger than 8x10
$ .99 per photograph
Memory Stick, price varies based on size needed
 $9.99-14.99  per memory stick
Multiple party involvement $10.00 per additional party
1 Additional copy of complete preservation $10.00 each CD
2 Additional copies of complete preservation $8.00 each CD
3+ Additional copies of complete preservation $7.00 each CD
Special Orders TBD Please contact us for a quote on any special orders or requests

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Scan Your Memory
Your Family Memories are Safe with Us!
Sandy Doherty
Matthews, NC
Phone: 704-622-0731
Fax: 704-749-8770

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Scan Your Memory
Scan Your Memory
Your Family Memories are Safe with Us!